Sunday, February 24, 2008

Diddy Riese

So, Doherty, Kris, Melinda and I recently went to The Happy Ending in Hollywood and left immediately after hearing a delightful rendition of Beverly Hills by a Frat Boy cover band. The place seemed like it would be interesting if it lacked the many muscles of guys in abercrombie and girls who danced on tables to the remixes of remixes. Though tempted to play the live lobster claw machine we left to the infamous Diddy Riese in westwood. This place is by all means worth the hype, though the price has skyrocketed 50 cents since my first encounter with ice cream cookie sandwich greatness. I prefer cinamon-sugar cookies with strawberry ice cream, though I hear chocolate chip cookies and mint n chip ice cream is also a delight. We all gave the place 2 thumbs way up and realized that we just don't understand what everyone at The Happy Ending was digging. We are the love Prawns and we have loved the Riese.

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